Thank you for the beautiful reading, I am so appreciative of your insights and have ordered the Secret Life of Jeshua and was able to get a kindle version of the Evolution of the Human Energy Field and will be diving into that this evening. Thank you again and have a wonderful week! Till next time...."

Sara D - Copy

Thank you very much for the impressive report you send me is for my mother Maria :-)....My mother was told to be the apostle Petrus in time of Jesus. Maybe you find more about this other lifetime for her in your report. This report I think confirms her spiritual power. She has been told to have still a lot of pain from this life as Petrus. This report is my birthday gift for her, she is 88 years now."

Monica H

Thanks so much for the reading. It really resonated with me. I can totally relate to being either an ‘indigo’ or a ‘starseed’. Best Regards, Mary Jane"

Mary Jane

The chart and real life examples are incredibly helpful. The group asked good questions and Cyn always provides feedback and insight to best answer them."

Reanin S.

Cyn, your class had added value to my practice. If I go to a class and am able to pick up one new thing then it is worth the price of admission. Here I learned multiple invaluable things that will forever add value to my practice and help my clients' lives. I am truly appreciative of this. the information, the handouts you gave us, is also a well organized, all encompassing piece of information I can always easily refer back to. (The mind virus clearing was particularly helpful to me, and it was enlightening how quickly it cleared.) Your confidence in running a class is also something I will look to adapt into how I work with clients. Thank you again for bringing this into our lives,"

Dorothy J - Copy

This AR 3 class gave me specific actions to take and great practical practice. I am confident that I can use the AR for specific purposes now. Great workshop. Thank you!"

Eellen T.- Copy

As usual, Cyn gave us a class that is informative. I look forward to her clsses."

Joann H - Copy

The classes are interactive and practical practice. So much practice in class cements the information and makes one more confident to go out and be successful. Excellent handouts and clearly a sage instructor. Thanks!"

Tamara P - Copy

Love Cyn's classes - all of them. She is one of my mentors."

Nancy S. - Copy