Starseed Report


Are you a Starseed? Learn on from which star system your soul first incarnated. Starseeds are individuals that originate from the far-distant star and solar systems, planets, and galaxies. These highly evolved souls carry a plethora of wisdom and special abilities that lie deep within the core of their being. A Starseed is a soul from another world that incarnates on Earth in order to bring light and knowledge, helping Mother Earth and uplifting the people on the planet. Learn if you are a Starseed, and if so what star system or planet you are from. MOST OF US ARE STARSEEDS, AND WE COME FROM ABOUT 25 MAIN STAR SYSTEMS. You will receive a report explaining your planet or star of incarnation along with some information about your Starseed Group (Soul Group). PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR NAME / DATE OF BIRTH / AND CITY OF BIRTH SO I CAN RESEARCH YOUR SOUL RECORDS.


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