Soul Work + Reports

The deep soul research that results in these reports and clearings are through your personal Akashic Records and your Soul Blueprint.

Soul Realignment Assessment + Clearing

This is deep soul level research that will allow you to learn about your soul’s challenges and karmic restrictions that have followed you on your soul journey. It takes me from 4 to 6 hours to research your soul and create a report that I then share with you via email. Upon ordering this service, PLEASE PROVIDE your full birth name, your city of birth, and your date of birth in order to conduct the required research via the Akashic Records. Level 1 - Cyn will do the deep research to learn about the blocks and restrictions from both this lifetime and prior lifetimes. This information is recapped on one report page. Level 2 - Cyn will then do an energetic soul clearing and restore your soul blueprint to its original pristine state which will increase your divine guidance, your connection to Source/Creator, and will bring in new fresh inspiration. Level 3 - Cyn will further research and analyze the results of Level 2 and find the patterns that occurred in several key lifetimes. These patterns are then further investigated to include when, where, and how the blocks and restrictions occurred. Level 4 - Soul Stories are developed using the results of step 3. Typically 2 to 4 stories are written = the average is 3 stories. Through these stories, you will understand the blocks and restrictions and karma and drama encountered in each lifetime. Finally, you will receive some 'homework' in the form of a video to watch and a script to read for 21 days if you want to further clear your own records. It takes 7-10 days to complete this research and clearing work for you.