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Soul Clearing in the Akashic Record Readers on 3/15/20

  • Learn about soul level blocks and restrictions in the energy field that are remnants from past lives. These blocks and restrictions can cause some to repeat patterns that keep them from living their best life and accessing divine guidance.
  • How the process of Soul Realignment™ works and reveals:
  • * If you have any primary Godspark damage or secondary Godsparks.
  • * Soul contracts
  • * Compassionate connections
  • * Past and Present Life entity attachments
  • * Location of entity attachments
  • * Tears and scars in the auric field and locate of same
  • * Past life karma, contracts, curses, vows, pacts or bindings that affect you now.

Any class priced @ $25


Any class priced @ $30


Reiki 1+2+3

  • The 3 class fee is discount will only be offered until March 23 and then will be removed.