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Cyn is a humble healer and  teacher who puts her heart and soul into helping other to raise their vibration, become more conscious, and create an empowering life.  She is known for creating courses that are highly engaging, fun and which allow the participants to build their skills rapidly and with confidence

As of 2018 Cyn has been offering Soul Realignment readings that focus on bringing insights to clients that allow for soul clearings which are powerfully transformational.

She achieved Reiki Master Teacher in 1999 for humans, and in 2003 she received her Reiki Master Teacher certification for animals. Cyn went on to incorporate additional forms of energetic healing including, hypnosis, Reconnective healing, Shamballa multi-dimensional healing (Master level), Violet Flame, Reiki Karuna (Tibetan Adept level). She is a certified reflexology practitioner, advanced dowser, and animal communicator, and Akashic Records reader. Cyn is also a certified healer teacher and certified Soul Realignment practitioner.

She holds an undergrad degree in Special Education, and a masters degree in Adult Education. Cyn spent over 30 years in corporate education and designed hundreds of training programs, workshops, webinars, online learning and independent learning programs for major corporations.

My Archetypes
I describe myself as having four main aspects to my being: I am Auntie Cyn to my family, I am a lifelong learner, a teacher, and a healer. But I am also a seeker and have infinite curiosity about everything.

My Passions
I am passionate about living a mostly drama-free life, being happy and balanced in mind, body and spirit, and helping others to do the same. I love animals, the Earth, and am so grateful for my connection to Spirit.

My Guiding Philosophy
I am highly ethical, non-judgmental, and have a loving and compassionate nature. I believe in the spirit, the soul, alchemy, positive thought, and GRATITUDE.

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